Determining the width of rendered text

User Question :

I have a set of controls arranged horizontally and the width of the control is proportional to the width of the rendered text. This will cause a problem when translations are applied. Is there a way of determining the width of the rendered text so that the controls can be dynamically resized?

Answer :

I've attached a Lua module (measure.lua) that you can try using. You could do something like:

local data = gre.get_control_attrs(CONTROL_NAME, "width", "height")
local metrics = Measure.create(FONT, FONT_SIZE, WRAP, TEXT)
print("Max Width: " .. metrics:getMaxWidth())

CONTROL_NAME is the path to your control holding your text,
FONT is the name of your font, eg. "fonts/Roboto-Bold.ttf",
FONT_SIZE if a number,
WRAP is a boolean whether the text is wrapped or not,
and TEXT is the actual body of your text you are using in your control.

Hope this helps.




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