sb.getStringSize(font, font_size, string, width, data)

Calculate the area in pixels which the given string will occupy on the screen.

    font - The name of the font to render in    
    font_size - The size of the font to render in      
    string - The string to render    
    width - A clipping width (in pixels) for the string, used to calculate how many characters fit
    data - An object containing additional options. Valid options are:        
        length - number of characters to process        
        spacing - letter spacing parameter        
        wrapping - boolean to activate wrapping logic

    An object with the following variables:       
        width - width of the widest line in the body of text        
        height - total height of the wrapped text in pixels        
        n_lines - number of lines the text fills when wrapped


var options = {wrapping : true};
var t = sb.getStringSize('fonts/Roboto-ThinItalic.ttf', 72, 'How long is this string?', 600, options);
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