gre.get string size


Calculate the area in pixels which the given string will occupy on the screen.

This call can only be made from the main Lua action execution thread.

Parameters: font   The name of the font to render in font_size   The size of the font to render in   string   The string to render width A clipping width (in pixels) for the string, used to calculate how many characters fit data A table containing additional options. Valid options are: ["length"] - number of characters to process ["spacing"] - letter spacing parameter ["wrapping"] - boolean to activate wrapping logic Returns: A table with the following: "width" width of the widest line in the body of text "height" total height of the wrapped text in pixels "n_lines" number of lines the text fills when wrapped A snippet of it in use: local t = gre.get_string_size('fonts/Roboto-ThinItalic.ttf', 72, 'How long is this string?', 600, {["wrapping"] = true} )

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