Staging Specific Glyphs For Export

Sometimes customers on resource-constrained platforms encounter an issue where specific glyphs appear to not render when they run their app on hardware. Usually the simplest explanation for this is that the glyph isn’t actually being exported.

In other cases, some customers will wish to remove unused glyphs to reduce their application’s footprint on their board as much as possible in order to optimize their resource usage.

In both cases, the solution is to use Storyboard's Glyph Selection dialog. Storyboard 7.X has an improved Glyph Selection UI to stage specific glyphs inside fonts for export.

This UI is located inside the Resource Configuration tab. However, as mentioned in this article, 7.X has changed the location of this tab and related features in Designer.


Here’s how you can find it:

First, you will need to open the Storyboard Application Export Configuration dialog.

Then set the Packager to Storyboard Embedded Resource Header.

Once that's done you can pop over to the Resource Configuration tab.

Next is to set your Fonts to the Bitmap font format:

From there, if you expand the Fonts menu, select a font, and then select a font size it will enable you to open the Glyph Selector:

In this menu you can stage or unstage specific glyphs. In order to do this, it’s as simple as locating them in the scrolling menu and clicking them. The glyph will become grayed out to signify it will not be staged for export.

If there is a specific string which contains glyphs you want to ensure will be exported, you can populate the Add Glyphs From String field with this string. This will make sure that all the glyphs contained in the string will be exported.

The Add A Range drop down menu will provide a set of glyph ranges which you can also use to set specific glyphs for export.

Once you are done setting all the glyphs you wish to be exported, you can click Finish.


The next time you execute your export, all the selected glyphs will be included.




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