Locating the Resource Export Configuration Window

Not to be confused with Storyboard’s Application Export Configurations, the Resource Export Configuration is the dialog used to set certain properties of your project’s resources. In this case the following properties are editable:

  • Storage type (Filesystem vs VFS)
  • Font Export Format (TTF vs Bitmap)
  • Font Bitmap Depth (1-8 bit)
  • Font Glyph Map Width
  • Image Export Format 
  • Image Start Alignment
  • Image Map Width
  • Script Export Format (Raw vs Compiled)


In previous versions of Storyboard (v6.2 and prior) the Resource Export Configuration could be accessed by clicking the Metrics tab and then clicking the Edit button next to the Configuration:

Which leads to the Resource Export Configuration

In 7.x the Metrics’ tab Edit button instead leads you to the Storyboard Application Export Configuration. The reason for this is that the Resource Export Configuration has been rolled into the old Export Resources tab, which has now been renamed Resource Configuration.

In order to adjust the parameters of certain resources, all you need to do now is select the resource and you will be presented with the options.

It’s important to note that in 7.x, Designer is smarter about the options it provides.

For example, right now the Packager selected in the Storyboard Export Parameters tab is set to export a .GAPP file. Given the platforms that will run .GAPP files an assumption is made that the Image Export Format does not need to be specified, and so the option is not present.

However if we switch the Packager to be exporting as a Storyboard Header instead of a .GAPP file, we are presented with more options:

As you can see now the parameters are available for us to change because these parameters are relevant to platforms where one would have to export as a Storyboard Header.

All the options are now visible to the configurations that would commonly use them.




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