Loading My App on a Storyboard Demo Image

There are three steps to loading an application onto a Storyboard Demo Image.

  1. Flashing your board with the Demo image.
  2. Exporting/Moving your application onto the board
  3. Launching your application

Fortunately, we have a couple resources that we’ve put together which cover these three steps.

If you haven’t already flashed your board with the demo image you’ve received, we have a series of guides on how to do this for various platforms. These guides also cover some of step 2, as they show you how to scp your project from Storyboard Designer’s Application Export.
For example here is our NXP guide: LINK

2 and 3.
Steps 2 and 3 are demonstrated in our Knowledge Base Video: Transferring a Storyboard Application and Running it on Linux: LINK
This video walks through transferring your runtime, transferring your application, and creating an executable launch script to launch your application.
In our demo images, there may already be a launch script created. So you can either create a new one or modify the existing script to point to your application (and potentially your new runtime).

With these two resources, you will have everything you need to get your application working on your Storyboard demo image.




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