Run GAPP using FreeRTOS

Is it possible to run .gapp export on a i.MX RT 1050 running with FreeRTOS?



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    thanks for your post.

    For the i.MXRT1050 using FreeRTOS we do not use a filesystem so the export to .gapp file is done in a different way.  The FreeRTOS platform uses a Storyboard Virtual Filesystem (SBVFS) to deploy the model and graphical assets in the form of a C header file containing the serialised (binary) information.

    This header file is incorporated into your project source code for the target and you simply rebuild to compile and link a binary image.

    You may read more about this mechanism in the following post:

    To generate this 'sbengine_model.h' file you choose the Storyboard Embedded Resource Header (C/C++)  packager option as in the screen cap below.

    With Storyboard 6.0 release we have additional SDKs available for the 'Real Time Executive' (RTExec) and 'Lite' versions of the Storyboard platforms targeting FreeRTOS environments on MCUs though for download size reasons they are not included with the Storyboard 6.0 install...

    These SDKs contain static libraries, C source and documentation to enable you to integrate the Storyboard libraries with an existing codebase. For supported platforms such as the NXP i.MXRT10xx the SDKs are available for evaluation on request. 

    Please contact with details of your application requirements including, your evaluation board, BSP and toolchain - MCUXpresso or IAR EWARM.

    I hope this answers your question.



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