Extensions written in C++/C for the Javascript API


we currently use a lot of custom LUA modules in Storyboard 7.2

Since Javascript was now added with Version 8 I was wondering if there a possibility to extend the JS environment with custom C/C++ written code as well?






  • Hi Martin,

    the JS plugin environment is developed in the same way as the the Lua plugin. It is interpreted at runtime and based on the duktape framework (https://duktape.org/ ).

    The implementation is baked into the plugin library files that we provide as part of the Storyboard 8.0 release for target platforms. It is not possible therefore to modify or extend the JS environment directly with C/C++ though we do have plans to extend the API support in future releases. If there is functionality missing that  you would like to see then we appreciate your feedback.

    JS does require more memory to run than the more lightweight Lua framework which may be a consideration.

    On some platforms we also provide the Native C Callback support which makes it possible to callback from the main sbengine task/thread to external functions written in C/C++, passing the application context.  These C callbacks are however blocking on the main thread so you need to keep them short so as to not affect GUI performance.



  • Hi Garry,

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    we have implemented specific application logic interacting with the serial port in a C backend.
    So nothing specific to storyboard.




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