Video Render Extension

The video render extension is intended to provide playback support for simple video and multi-frame image formats (MPEG-1, GIF) that do not include audio or require full playback control. For advanced video features and more comprehensive file format support, the media plugin and external render extension should be used.

Customers previously using GIF images within the image render extension should consider switching to the video render extension as it provides a much more memory efficient handling of these multi-frame image formats and on some platforms may be able to take advantage of specialized hardware decode support.

The FPS property controls the playback behaviour. Some video or multi-frame image formats provide their own playback speed configuration so the following conventions were adopted:

  • FPS of 0 will stop playback at the current position

  • FPS > 0 will try and use that value unless the file format overrides it

  • FPS < 0 will use the absolute value regardless of what the file format indicates

The other properties align with the image render extension to facilitate conversion between the two render extensions.

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