Convert To Scrolling

Storyboard provides two actions to allow controls with fixed content to be converted into scrollable objects, Convert to Scrolling Layer and Convert To Scrolling Table. These actions work similarly to convert a selection of controls and re-parent them into a new scrollable container, either a table or a layer depending on which option you choose.

  • Tables can only contain content that has the same structure as each cell is a template. Choose this option if all the selected controls contain the same type and order of render extensions and a consistent display is desired. The differences between controls will be reflected in a set of table variables that configure the individual cell content. Currently only vertically scrolling tables are supported by the Convert to Scrolling Table action.

  • Scrolling layers can contain any combination of controls or groups. Choose this option if the selected controls have different content and structure but you want to be able to scroll them around. Scrolling layers are often used in situations where more controls will be created and positioned dynamically based on different templates.

These conversions can be particularly useful when importing content from design tools where the designer has positioned proxy elements for content that will be dynamically populated and likely require users to scroll the display. Designer provides some automated support for populating table content and this is covered in the section Table Data Source Mapping.

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