Getting started with Storyboard

This section helps you start developing embedded GUI applications using Storyboard. These instructions walk through the typical workflow and explain important concepts along the way.

If you're ready to start right now, this video provides a 10-minute walkthrough of how to get an example touchscreen application from design asset to running on a target hardware platform:

If you have any difficulties or questions while performing these steps, please use the Crank Software Community to speak directly with us and your peers.

If you don't have a Storyboard license, you can sign up for our free trial here.

1. Before starting

Before building your Storyboard application, it helps to understand a few basics:

2. The Storyboard interface

Watch this video for an introduction to the Storyboard interface, including:

  • Storyboard Welcome screen

  • Components of the Storyboard workspace

  • File import into Navigator view

  • Accessing Storyboard samples

3. Importing design files into Storyboard

Watch this video to see how Photoshop files are imported into Storyboard, including:

  • Group folders and layers

  • Inherited GUI functionality from Photoshop

For Sketch and other filetypes, read this documentation.

4. Introduction to event variables

Watch this video to understand how event variables are used to add dynamic behavior to Storyboard applications.

5. Adding event triggers, actions, and testing on your desktop

Watch this video to see how to work with events, actions, and run your GUI application using the Storyboard simulator.

6. Creating animations

Watch this video to learn how to work with animations, including:

  • Adding animations to buttons

  • Recording animations

  • The animation timeline

  • Editing animations

7. Running your application on a target

Watch this video to learn how to run your Storyboard GUI application on a target platform using SCP transfer.

Useful references

We hope this guide has helped you to learn the basic concepts of building an embedded GUI application using Storyboard. Here are links to more detailed features, best practices, and resources that you may find useful:

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