gre io serialize

gre_io_serialized_data_t* gre_io_serialize(
    gre_io_serialized_data_t *    buffer,  
    const char *                  event_target,  
    const char *                  event_name,  
    const char *                  event_format,  
    const void *                  event_data,  
    int  event_nbytes  

Serialize individual event items (see gre/io_mgr.h) into a single buffer for transmission using Storyboard IO.

Parameters: buffer  The buffer that will contain the serialized data or NULL if a new buffer should be allocated   event_target The name of the event target model element (screen,layer, control, render extension), or NULL to send to the default target (application level) event_name   The name of the event to send, or NULL to send an empty event   event_format   The format description of the data (ex. "1s0 string") or NULL if no data is being sent   event_data   A pointer do the data to transmit, or NULL if no data is transmitted event_nbytes   The number of data bytes to transmit, or NULL if no data is transmitted   Returns: A buffer with the serialized data or NULL on error. It may be necessary for the internal buffer to be re-sized or re-allocated if the new data payload is larger than the previous one is being serialized. Example:

nbuffer = gre_io_serialize(nbuffer, NULL, "cluster_update", 
"2u1 speed 2u1 rpm 2u1 fuel 2u1 battery 2u1 oil 2u1 odometer 2u1 trip",
&event_data, sizeof(event_data));
if(!nbuffer) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Can't serialized data to buffer, exiting\n");
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