gre io add mdata

int gre_io_add_mdata(
    gre_io_serialized_data_t **  mbuffer,  
    const char *  key_name,  
    const char *  data_format,  
    const void *  data,  
    int  data_nbytes  

Add a data change key/value pair to a serialized buffer.   This call can be used to serialize multiple data changes into a single Storyboard IO send operation to improve efficiency.

Once an multi-part data buffer is constructed, it can be sent using the gre_io_send_mdata function.

Parameters: buffer   The buffer containing the serialized data   key_name   The data key which is to be set   data_format  The format for the data to be set   data   The data value to set   data_nbytes  The number of bytes used for the data   Returns: -1 on failure anything else is success

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