MCU Documentation

Integrating with the Storyboard Engine requires the setup and configuration of Storyboard projects.

This section describes the process of project configuration for the board types that Storyboard supports along with additional material to take full advantage of your hardware.


The conventions used in these tutorials are:

  • Folders, paths, and filenames are highlighted in BOLD.

  • Short form for known paths are highlighted in bold and surrounded by <>, i.e., <SHORT_FORM>

  • Code blocks use a monospace font, i.e., printf(“Hello”);

  • Function names that appear outside of code blocks are italicized, i.e., storyboard_main()

  • Labels for UI elements in Storyboard and other desktop tools are surrounded by quotes, i.e., “Apply”

  • UI menus are illustrated using "->" to denote different levels of the menus, i.e., Project->properties

  • Properties and options use a different font to list them, i.e., --whole-archive

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