gr application get data variable

#include <gre/gre.h>                
int gr_application_get_data(
  gr_application_t *app, 
  const char *fqn,
  const char *variable,
  gr_str_t *orig_fmt,
  const char *fmt,
  gr_data_union_t *data

The gr_application_get_data_variable function provides an interface to get Storyboard data variables associated with a key, and their formats. Combines the fqn and variable to create a key in the form of "fqn.variable". The returned gr_wrapped_data_t must be freed with gr_application_free_data.

Parameters: app A pointer to an application handle created using gr_application_create_args fqn The fully qualified name name of the object, should be NULL for app level variables variable The name of the variable to get fmt The format describing the format you want the data in: GR_DATA_FORMAT_(1s0|1u1|1s1|2u1|...) 1s0 (string) | 4u1 (uint32_t) | 4s1 (int32_t) ... Can be NULL (data key format used) data Location to store the returned data, this is a copy of the requested data and its format Returns: Zero on success, -1 on failure.

The gr_application_get_data function is a method of retrieving the data values and formats for any keys associated Storyboard engine variables.

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