gre io unserialize

int gre_io_unserialize(
    gre_io_serialized_data_t *  buffer,  
    char **  event_target,  
    char **  event_name,  
    char **  event_format,  
    void **  event_data  

Transform a serialized buffer into individual event items (see gre/io_mgr.h).   The pointers returned point back into the content of the serialized buffer so the buffer can't be de-allocated until clients are finished referencing the event items returned from this call.

Data parameters must be sent in order of descending alignment requirements. Example: 4u1 4u1 2u1 1s0 is good, 2u1 4u1 4u1 1s0 is not

Parameters: buffer   The buffer containing the serialized data event_target Location to store the event target model element event_name   Location to store the event name event_format   Location to store the event format event_data   Location to store the event data Returns: The number of bytes in the event_data structure

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