gre io open

gre_io_t* gre_io_open(
    const char *    io_name,  
    int             flag  

Open a Storyboard IO communication channel using a named connection.

Parameters: io_name  The name of the io-channel to use   flags  The mode you want to open the queue in   Flags define how the connection is opened.  Possible flags are: GRE_IO_TYPE_RDONLY:         open read only, creating the channel if it doesn't exist GRE_IO_TYPE_XRDONLY:       open for exclusive read, unlinking an existing channel and creating a new one GRE_IO_TYPE_WRONLY:         open write only GRE_IO_FLAG_NONBLOCK:       open non-blocking To pass multiple flags in the same aregument, just separate by a bitwise-or. i.e. gre_io_open(THERMOSTAT_RECEIVE_CHANNEL, GRE_IO_TYPE_RDONLY|GRE_IO_FLAG_NONBLOCK) Returns: Returns a valid Storyboard IO handle or NULL if no channel can be created.

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