gre.rtext text extent

gre.rtext_text_extent(text, target, table)

Gets the extent of a rich text field

Parameters: text - the rich text string to extent target - A string containing the parent control of the rich text rext you are targeting. This will target the first rich text rext found on the control. If one is found then the extent calculation will use that rich text rext's parameters. table - a table containing optional parameters Optional parameters: (these will override any parameters found in the targeted rich text rext) size - the font size to use when calculating extent line-height - the line height to use when calculating extent. This is a percentage of the font line height max-width - the max width to use when calculating extent regular-font - the regular font to use bold-font - the bold font to use italic-font - the italic font to use italic-bold-font - the italic/bold font to use Returns: A table containing the rich text width ("width") and height ("height)

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