Controlling Feature Enablement on Projects

Storyboard Designer provides a very rich set of functionality for application developers to use as they are building their applications. However, it may be the case that the embedded target system constrains which functionality should be used. In these situations, and in order to provide an appropriate level of guidance to application developers about what they can and can't use, Storyboard Designer provides the ability to limit what featues are available. This filtering happens only in the Designer user interface to filter the events, actions and render extensions that are appropriate for the configuration selected.


The feature selection display shown can be accessed in the new project wizards when a project is created from a PSD file or when an empty project is created. The feature selection can also be changed after the fact in the Application Model view by selecting the view menu:


Features are grouped into two main categories, specialized features and platform configurations. The platform configurations Storyboard Baseline, Storyboard Lite identify types of target platform configurations as either fully featured or as resource constrained. The specialized features are generally selected in addition to one of the platform configurations to add in specialized functionality. The default feature configuration for is to select All Storyboard Features.

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