Creating A Storyboard Project

You can create a new Storyboard project in various ways: as a new empty application, as a Photoshop or Sketch import, as an import of a sample, or from an existing Storyboard Designer project or Storyboard Engine *.gapp file.

New Empty Storyboard Project

In order to create an empty Storyboard project that contains only minimal application structure, select File > New > Storyboard Application.


This opens the New Storyboard Application wizard and prompts for a name to use for the Storyboard project. This name will also be used for the initial Storyboard application file.


Next, set the size of the screen display and its color depth characteristics. Once configured, these settings remain configured for the life of the application.


Select Finish to close the wizard, create the new project, and automatically open the Storyboard editor on the project:


Existing Project Import

Occasionally it may be convenient to share an existing project from one workspace to another. If the project is archived or its directory structure completely copied to a new location then it is possible to import the Storyboard Designer project as an existing project.

Select File > Import to launch the wizard and select Existing Projects into Workspace.


This displays the Import Projects page of the dialog.


Search for existing projects contained in the filesystem by selecting the Select root directory option or projects that are contained within an archive file by selecting the Select archive file option.

In either situation, the Projects panel will populate with the content that can be extracted from the location selected. If projects exist in the workspace with the same name, then those projects will be shown but disabled in the list. Select the projects you want to import to your workspace and press Finish to exit the dialog and return to the workspace. Note that projects that are imported will not automatically be opened in the Storyboard editor.

For projects that are being imported from the filesystem you also have the option to Copy projects into workspace which, as the name indicates, will copy the project content into the workspace. Without making this copy selection a new project will be created that links to or references the existing location of the project in the filesystem.

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