sbio add event callback

int sbio_add_event_callback(
        sbio_channel_handle_t *handle, 
        const char *event_name, 
        sbio_event_callback_t callback_function, 
        void *user_data);

Adds a callback to a receive channel. The event name can be specified as a pattern. 

* - Any event

event_name - Exact match to 'event_name' 

*event_name* - Anything containing 'event_name'

The sbio_event_callback_t structure has the following definition:

typedef void (*sbio_event_callback_t)(
        const char *event_name, 
        char *event_format, 
        void *event_data, 
        int event_data_size, 
        void *user_data);
    handle                 The receive handle to add the callback to 
    event_name             The name of the event to listen for, or NULL for all events. 
    callback_function      The function to call when the event is received 
    user_data              Data that should be passed to the callback 

    0 on success and non-zero on failure
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