Validator Test View

The Validator Test View is used to create, modify and run tests. The view is located in the lower left of the perspective by default. Here is how it appears by default:


The view is controlled through the three buttons at the upper right of the view. From left to right the buttons are:

  • Add New Validator Test: This button will pop up a dialog to take a name and then creates an empty test with that name. Test sequences can then be added to that empty test.

  • Run Selected Test(s): This will run the tests that are selected under the Test Definitions tree in the simulator. The results will be stored for comparison against the master results.

  • Record A New Test: This will launch the simulator and allow the user to record a series of test sequences and store it as a new test

Context Menu

Right-clicking on items in the Tests View will open the following context menu:

  • Insert Test Action Above - Inserts a test action above the selected test action

  • Insert Test Action Below - Inserts a test action below the selected test action

  • Remove Test Action - Removes the selected test action

  • Copy - Copy the selected test action to the clipboard

  • Paste - Paste the test action from the clipboard into the selected test sequence. (Enabled with valid clipboard contents)

  • Duplicate - Duplicates the selected test action in the same sequence.

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