canvas.drawText(text, attrs)

Draw a string within the canvas directed by the user-specified properties.

    text - The text string to display   
    attrs - An object of properties containing information about how to draw the text.  This table can contain the following keys:
        font - The font to use to render the text (required, no default)
        x - The x position of the upper left corner of the image (default 0) 
        y - The y position of the upper left corner of the image (default 0)  
        size - The point size to render the text at (default 18)   
        color - The color to render the text in (default black:0x00000)      
        rotation - The angle in degrees to render the text at (default 0)


// Draw a hello world string centered on the canvas
function DrawCenteredText(name) {    
    var msg = "Hello World";    
    var canvas = sb.getCanvas(name);    
    var attrs = {font : "fonts/RobotoBold.ttf", size : 24, x : 0, y : 0};    
    var strSize = sb.getStringSize(attrs.font, attrs.size, msg, 0);    
    attrs.x = (canvas.width - strSize.width) / 2;    
    attrs.y = (canvas.height - strSize.height) / 2;    
    canvas.drawText("Hello World", attrs);
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