sb.sendEvent(event, [channel])

Send an event to the application or to a Storyboard IO channel. channel is an optional parameter and if channel is not passed then the channel will be chosen as follows:

If the environment variable GREIONAME is set then it will be used otherwise the default channel is used.

    event                     The event parameter is one of the following items:
            A string containing the event to send
            A table containing the following fields:
                name                       A string containing the event to send
                target                     A string containing the object to target the event to (see Storyboard IO) 
                (optional)format           A string format of the event data payload 
                (optional)data             A table whose keys match up with the keys specified in the format 
    (optional)channel         An optional Storyboard IO channel to send the event on, if not specified the event is added directly into the current 
                              Storyboard application event queue if neither the environment variable or global GREIONAME variable are set.

    true for success, false for failure and error message string, e.g. "Can't open greio channel my_channel"
// Send to the event to the application :
var success, error = sb.sendEvent("my_event");
if(success == false) {    
    //handle error

//To send the event to a Storyboard IO channel via parameters
var success, error = sb.sendEvent("my_event", “io_channel_name”);
if(success == false) {    
    //handle error
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