sb.getControlAttrs(controlName, tags ...)

Get properties for a control. Key name is the name of the control or a variable. Tags can be a list of the following values: x, y, width, height, hidden, active, zindex, findex, mask_enabled A JS object with the results is returned.

    controlName        The model full path of the control to get information about
    tags               One or more tags as strings

    A JS object containing the tags as keys with the associated table value being the Storyboard value associated with that tag.

function checkIfHidden() {    
    // check if my_control is currently hidden    v
    ar dk_data = sb.getControlAttrs("my_layer.my_control", "hidden");    
    if (dk_data.hidden == 1) {        
        print("my_control is currently hidden");    
    } else {        
        print("my_control is currently visible");    
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