sb.animationAddStep(id, stepSata)

Add a step to a created animation. The id must be from a call to sb.animationCreate. The stepData parameter defines the animation step values. NOTE: If both "to" and "delta" are given then the "to" value is used.

id     The animation id to add the step to
data     An object of animation step values which can include:
    key           The data key for the animation step to act upon
    rate          The animation rate string: [linear | easein | easeout | easeinout | bounce]
    duration      The length of the step (ms)
    offset        The offset from animation start where this step begins (ms)
    from          The value to start the animation at, if not specified the value is the current value of "key"
    to            The endpoint for the animation
    delta         The delta for the end of the animation from the start point.
function createAnimation() {    
    var stepData = {};    
    // slide the x position 400 pixels over 2000 ms and auto-destroy      
    // it on completion    
    var id = sb.animationCreate(60, 1);    
    stepData.rate = "linear";    
    stepData.duration = 2000;    
    stepData.offset = 0; = 400;       
    stepData.key = "mylayer.mycontrol.grd_x";    
    sb.animationAddStep(id, stepData);
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