Recording Tests Using Validator

When the record new test button RecordTestButton.png is selected from the test view. The test recorder will launch your application with recording enabled. This will be reflected by Storyboard Engine by showing a red outline around the screen. The control panel dialog can be used to direct the recording of the test.


The options in the control dialog are:

  • New Sequence: This will allow for an existing sequence to be inserted in the current test, or a new sequence to be created.

  • New Action: This command will place a new command in the test.

  • Capture Data: Selecting this entry will pop up a dialog that will allow for data that is installed in data variables to be captured.

  • Screen Capture: Generates an image of the whole screen.

  • Capture Region: Allows the user to select an area of the screen to store as an image.

  • Capture Control: Allows the user to select a control on the screen to be stored as an image.

  • Send Events: Opens the IOConnector in a floating window and records all the events as they are sent to the UI, perserving the timing as the events are generated and creates a test action for Validator to use during playback.

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