Remote Target Application Launch

This feature is currently targeted at SCP enabled targets that can run .sh scripts. This makes Linux and QNX the primary targets that will be able to take advantage of the Remote Target Launch.

  • From the main menu Run > Simulate Storyboard Project

  • From the main toolbar using the Simulate Storyboard Project


Within the Storyboard Simulator Configurations dialog you have the ability to create new simulation launch configurations or change the properties and settings of an existing simulation launch configuration.

A remote launch configuration requires fields to be populated by the user before a remote run can be possible.

  • Output Address: This is the network name or IP address for the target device.

  • User: This is the username used to sign into the target device.

  • Password: This is the password used to sign into the target device.

  • App Output Directory: The directory on the target device to deploy the application.

  • Runtime (Optional): The runtime that will be transferred to the target.

  • Runtime Output Directory (Optional): The directory on the target to deploy the Storyboard Engine runtime.

  • Launch Script: A launch script populated by default with some placeholder functionality. This can be rewritten as desired by users. Any target specific setup can be done here. The variables CWD and RUNTIME can be overridden by adding them as new variables. Additional environment variables can be configured by adding new variables. When launched by Storyboard, the script is called with a single parameter which points to the gapp file to execute.

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