Graph is ploting slow in crank storyboard

Processor Name: STM32MP157 Arm®-based dual Cortex®-A7 32 bits + Cortex®-M4 32 bits MPU 

Kernal Version: 5.10.10

linux destro : openst linux

Crankstorybaord Version : 7.1

OpenGLL Version : 2.0

Screen Size : 1024 X 768


I am developing medical GUI application in which i am ploting real time graph with 5 milisecond refresh rate using Crank storyboard.

Graph ploting is taking upto 80 milisecond to draw the graph whereas the redraw time is only 5 miliseconds, and it is also taking 85% of CPU consumption.

when i draw a graph with draw time 140 miliseconds, CPU utilization is decreased to 35-45%.


kindly help me out and give some solution to optimize the redraw time upto 20 miliseconds.



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    Hello Samar,

    Performance and optimization issues can be a little more involved. Could you open a support ticket by e-mailing us at and we can take it from there?




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