Storyboard 7.2 - Now Available

Storyboard Designer

  • Text alignment is respected during PSD import.
  • Images are converted to fills automatically during PSD/Sketch import.
  • Rotated text is respected during PSD/Sketch import.
  • Group visibility persists during Sketch import.
  • Default font name matching for PSD import is improved.
  • The Sketch import dialog has a better progress indication.
  • The re-import diff viewer now applies x/y render extension deltas.
  • Improved wrapped text calculations during PSD import.
  • Improved name matching when names contain unnecessary whitespace during a PSD import.
  • PSD import project naming is now consistent with the start screen name.
  • Thumbnails for animation steps in the animation timeline include the right context if it’s a design state.
  • The rate property in the animation step property UI is now disabled when it makes sense to do so.
  • Fixed an issue with animation recorder variable binding in a specific case.
  • Animation step dragged representation in the timeline is more consistent.
  • Switching multiple animation steps to 'A specific value' no longer overrides them all with the same value.
  • The editor has a new breadcrumb navigation widget.
  • Group and table selection in the editor is more intuitive.
  • Table cell-based animations are supported by the recorder and previewer.
  • Layer instances xoffset and yoffset appear in the properties view.
  • Animation steps resolve properly in a Design State context.
  • Rich text and 3D model render extension changes are supported in the Standalone Comparator.
  • An issue where component instances would not update properly from the template has been fixed.
  • An issue with conflict detection using the Git merge workflow has been fixed.
  • A couple of issues with the variables view have been fixed, resulting in more presentation and workflow consistency.
  • Application resize now works with locked objects in the model.
  • Toggling the 'Condensed GAPP Output' setting now dirties the resource export configuration, prompting a save.
  • Cleared some memory leaks left behind by a GDE editor.
  • Recording an animation now works with locked objects in the model.
  • The Designer comparator now works with newest EGit versions.
  • The component editor now has better mouse/drag interaction.
  • Text along a path now renders properly with alpha in Designer.

Storyboard Engine

  • UTF8 extended characters are supported in the engine.
  • Text rotation is supported by the Dave2D render manager.
  • Text along a path renders consistently between render managers.
  • Text along a path renders consistently between Designer and Engine.
  • Text along an arc follows the arc segment properly.
  • Text spacing is consistent across text drawn on a curve.
  • Text along a circle renders correctly for all render extension alignments.
  • Text along a path now takes the circle rotation value into account.
  • An event is generated following playback completion using the video render extension.
  • Table resizes have been improved to be significantly less CPU intensive.
  • Screen transitions occur without intermediate surface allocation. As a result, less memory is used, and animations run during a screen transition.
  • Capture playback will ignore motion events without a press by default.
  • 24 bit rendering is now fully supported across the board.
  • Gestures no longer trigger inbound/outbound events.
  • A clipping issue when doing a 3D rotation has been fixed.
  • The malfunctioning image pool memory cap option has been fixed.
  • Shaders are precompiled on OpenGL to improve loading times.
  • A memory leak related to screen drag transitions has been fixed.
  • A memory leak related to the gre.dump_resource() call has been fixed.
  • OpenGL blending is correct when combining 3D rotation with the clearcolor option.
  • Lua script initialization is consistent with expectation on VFS configurations.
  • The simple video render extension will now log a message if the file cannot be played.
  • Dave2D render manager now supports screen rotation.
  • Improved the rendering of gradients. 

Known Issues

  • Text Vertical Alignment does not match between editor view and simulator
  • When using gre.get_string_size, the 'width' parameter is required to use the 'data.spacing' option.
  • Visible content not redrawn if layer has negative y_offset and scrolling is disabled
  • Alpha value on Gradient Render Extension ignored if on top of black background
  • Designer considers controls with the same name as duplicates even if on different screens, layers, groups
  • Using the scale option on Wayland removes transparency
  • Animation Preview does not show grd.hidden animation step change
  • Formatting error in performance log graph view
  • Confusing dialog when pressing simulate on a project with unsaved changes
  • Refactoring a variable from the Variables view with Application Mode filter enabled doesn't do anything.
  • Variables View does not show variables from multiple sources when multiselection is used.
  • Rotated 9 patch looks different in GL/SW/Designer
  • Underlines on curved text are incorrectly rendered
  • Clicking into live edit for text render extensions dirties the GDE editor without having made any changes
  • Backspace button should not delete items in GDE Model Editor
  • Scaling a PSD file that has rotated text in it will cause the rotation to be ignored on import



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