Exporting your Application from the Command Line (updated for 7.X)

If you are using a version older than 7.X of Storyboard, then I recommend taking a look at this article instead: https://support.cranksoftware.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048148532-Exporting-a-GAPP-from-the-Command-Line-using-an-Export-Configuration

The general process between the different versions hasn’t changed, but there is an extra step that has been added that I will go over.

It still remains that if the project you wish to export is located outside the workspace, you will need to specify the Project setting in the Configuration Location section in the Storyboard Application Export Configurations dialog:

If your application is indeed located within the workspace, then make sure Workspace is selected instead of Project.

Once you’ve set your configuration, click Apply. If you’ve selected Project as the location, this will generate a config file in your project’s “.config” directory.


With that file created, we can now perform an export of our application’s model from the command line.

The main difference between older versions and 7.X comes down to the command used to run the actual export.

In 7.X you will need to specify the location where your project is located as a separate parameter using the -data flag.

An export command on Linux with the Configuration Location set to Project might look like:

/home/user/Crank_Software/Storyboard_Designer/'Crank Storyboard' 
-application com.crank.gdt.ui.configexport
-data /home/user/Downloads


As you can see the -data flag is used to point to the folder which contains the project folder, but otherwise the command has remained the same across the versions.

Once you run the command you will see the Storyboard splash screen (unless you’ve specified the -noSplash flag) and the model file specified will be exported in your project’s directory.




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