Performing system calls in Lua

There are many ways to execute system/OS level calls from your Storyboard application.

The following demo explores some of these options and provides a small glimpse at how to perform this operation. The application reaches out to the OS level to get the following information:

  • The system’s CPU
  • The system’s OS
  • The date
  • The system’s IP address
  • The returned output from certain terminal commands


To expand on the last point, the application gets the IP via terminal commands. It uses the OS to determine which terminal command to use. It performs the actual command by utilizing Lua’s io.popen function. It is possible to use the os.execute command directly in order to print the output of said command to the console, but because I wished to put the text output of the command in the application itself, it makes more sense to utilize Lua’s IO commands as it is easier to capture the output.


You can download the application here: Download




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