Left mouse click only possible a few seconds after application startup.


i'm running an crank storyboard demo application (Thermostat IO) on an IMX8MM docker based Torizon OS. My connected display is a 10.1" capacitiv touchdisplay supplied by an lvds and a i2c(touch input) interface.

I can launch my app by the torizon visual studio code extension. The Thermostat-IO app uses a weston container image as GUI stack and talks through gre-io tcp protocoll to the Backend. I can finally deploy and debug my application successfully and can make touch inputs to controll my app.

So far so good. But now if i try to use a mouse as input i recognized, that this is fully possible only a few (approx. 5 seconds) after the application started. After this period of time, the left click ist not possible anymore. If that happens the cursor turns to a small <<watch>> icon. Then i can only use the right mouse button to rotate the whole application window 360 degrees, as before. Cursor is still moving.

I did the test with an usb mouse connected and another test connected through a vnc connection.

Could you please give me a hint, if there ist some missing configuration on the sb_engine script on startup or something else.





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