Where are iogen and iorcv located and how do I use them?

Often times when troubleshooting IO problems, we recommend using the iogen and iorcv utilities to strip Storyboard from the equation and work purely on the IO process.

We have detailed documentation on how to properly use these utilities that we always recommend reading which can be found here: Storyboard IO Utilities

However, a question we sometimes get when customers wish to use these tools is: Where are iogen and iorcv located?

This is a fair question as it isn't made perfectly clear, but in short they are located in your runtime's 'bin' directory.



Which will contain:

If you are on desktop and not sure where your runtimes are located, you just need to navigate to your Storyboard installation directory


C:\Program Files\Crank_Software_7.1\Storyboard_Engine\7.1-stable.202111011444

This directory will contain all the runtimes that ship with Storyboard.

Additionally, some customers have asked: Do I need to open up a command shell to use them?

Yes, if you're on desktop you will indeed have to open a command prompt/terminal session in order to utilize these command line utilities.

At this point you are all set up and will be able to follow the instructions outlined in the Storyboard IO Utilities documentation






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