Document/PDF Viewer

Is it possible to view a PDF or other document within a Storyboard app?  Or, is it possible to use a third-party application to open and view a document? 

We have support documents that we would like the user to see on the touchscreen interface.



  • Hello,

    We do not support a PDF viewer out of the box. But have done PDF support for customers in the past via custom engineering. Depending on what needs to be displayed, most customers get by using our rich text render extension included with Storyboard. The rich text render extension allows the user to use a subset of HTML/XML tags to define the text formatting.

    Working with Text – Crank Software

    There is also a rich text sample shipped with SB that you can take a look at ... File -> import -> Storyboard Development ->Storyboard Sample -> RichText



  • Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the quick response and suggestions.

    I think the Rich Text option will work for us.



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