Looking for gre (render manager) documentation for c++

Hi guys,

I am currently trying to get some documentation about gre API specially for render_mgr.

My plan is to integrate some video feed to the render...





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    Hi Martin,

    the various libraries and plug-ins for Storyboard are normally provided in precompiled binary only form and not with source code.

    Storyboard does ship with several useful plugins that perhaps would be suitable depending on your requirements, namely the plugins for gstreamer and ffmpeg sub-systems. Take a look at the documentation below for more details:

    Working with Audio and Video


    If you need to implement something more custom in respect of video then you can consider using the external render extension to provide a buffer framework that can be accessed by external processes::


    On some systems it is possible to use GPU hardware features to overlay and merge video content with Storyboardpixel framebuffers which can be an option.

    Our additional Storyboard SDK package is needed to create your own custom plugins and Storyboard extension and it comes with source code and API documentation to achieve this.

    For access to the Storyboard SDK please contact our sales team sales@cranksoftware.com for further details.




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