Advanced Storyboard User Training: Dynamic Memory Usage in Storyboard GUI Development

Join Rodney Dowdall, Crank Software’s Lead Product Architect, as he discusses the impact different content regularly used in GUI development has on memory consumption.

During this advanced Storyboard user training session, we will cover how images, fonts, and table consume memory, different approaches to minimizing memory consumption, and how Lua and Storyboard IO use memory in GUI applications.

In this advanced Storyboard user training session, you will learn about:

  • How images consume memory and the best courses of action to take with images
  • Mitigation strategies for the consumption of memory by fonts and Lua
  • Render extensions that can consume memory
  • What happens to the memory when you use tables, data variables, and screen transitions
  • The impact on memory by Storyboard IO


Date: Thursday, August 27th at 11 AM EDT

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