Compiling the ClusterIO / ThermostatIO Sample on Ubuntu 64bit Systems

I just wanted to quickly mention two minor changes my colleague Nik came across compiling our ClusterIO sample that is shipped with Storyboard. For the ClusterIO backend to compile properly (this would pertain to the ThermostatIO sample as well, or any backend on this platform) on a Ubuntu 18.04 64bit system you will need to make the following changes ...

​SB_ROOT=<runtime path>
SB_LIB=-L$(SB_ROOT)/lib -lgreio

# Linux users add this
SB_LIB+=-lpthread -ldl

all: cluster_update

cluster_update: cluster_update.c
 $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(SB_INC) -o $@ $^ $(SB_LIB)

The first change is to remove the -m32 flag since we are building a 64bit binary (that option was leftover from when we shipped 32bit runtime libraries for x86 based Linux systems). The second change is to add -ldl to the SB_LIB variable.

There you have it. You should be able to take the above, add your runtime path, and run make all from the command line.

Take care,





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