Learn How to Use Real-time Behavioral Insight from Storyboard and Percepio's Tracealyzer to Create Impressive UIs

The HMI/UI is often the most visible aspect of a system, so it's critical that it performs as expected, otherwise users will notice.

Join us for this one-hour webinar to learn how to ensure your UI performs as expected in our 'always-on world'. In this session, we will demonstrate how Crank Software’s Storyboard along with Percepio’s Tracealyzer can be used for common scenarios in UI performance analysis and optimization with NXP’s powerful crossover MCUs.

We will start by enabling the built-in Storyboard tracing and performance metrics, provided in real-time using a common debugger and the SWO debug channel available on the NXP processor. Then we will use Percepio Tracealyzer to show the Storyboard data in the context of the full system execution. The visual trace diagnostics provided by Tracealyzer make it easy to spot any anomalies in the trace, drill down to inspect the details, and find the cause.


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