Storyboard 6.1 is now available

Crank Software is pleased to let you know that Storyboard 6.1 is now officially available.

Storyboard 6.1 builds upon the innovative capabilities introduced with Storyboard 6.0 with the introduction of many enhancements that were proposed by our family of Storyboard customers, like yourself. 

Download your copy of Storyboard 6.1 today!

Some of the great new capabilities, you’ll find in 6.1 include:

  • Text Shaping for complex glyphs. Storyboard 6.1 introduces support for the FreeType font manager (as a plugin) to enable the rendering of complex text glyphs (such as Thai) without the need for utilizing third-party commercial integrations, helping reduce the overall costs associated with the project.
  • Additional character wrap text-overflow options. A new character wrap text-overflow option has been added to Storyboard enabling better support of text wrapping scenarios for simple Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) that builds upon Storyboard’s existing support for zero-width-space character (U+200B) and full-text layout line break control.
  • Obtain wrapped text bounds easily. The introduction of a gre.get_string_size API was added to enable the get of more precise bounds of wrapped text when using the same breaking and wrapping algorithms that the render extension uses, saving both time and effort for developers by removing the need to hand-craft their own algorithm.
  • Improved performance of Log Editor. Storyboard’s Performance Log Editor has seen significant improvements made to both speed and performance when handling large log files. Additionally, the Performance Log Editor sees general layout and presentation enhancements that are designed to make the discovery of areas of interest more efficient for developers.
  • C Callbacks and Storyboard API Enhancements. Several enhancements were made for deep embedded C/C++ application developers and the use of the C Callbacks action feature and Storyboard API including support for i) export from directly within the context of the standard export dialog, ii) symbolic names can now be given to model objects (such as controls and layers) that are going to be used within C/C++ code making it easier to isolate changes as the application UI is refactored, and iii) new accessor functions that make it easier to read, write and manipulate variable values from the Storyboard Engine have been added to the Storyboard API.
  • Quicker import of 3D model files. The time associated with importing 3D model files, in OBJ format, has been significantly reduced with Storyboard 6.1.
  • Photoshop file import naming refinements. When importing files from Photoshop names generated for font variables will now be more aligned with the original font names, rather than the name of the font being substituted.
  • Quick launch of Simulator within Lua. The ability to launch Storyboard’s Simulator via a keyboard shortcut within Lua scripting files has been added, making the UI validation workflow more efficient.
  • Enhanced performance of integrated SCP export function. Storyboard 6.1 sees the ability to only send content that has been changed when exporting the Storyboard model and resources to networked clients, significantly improving both the speed and performance of exporting large projects using the integrated SCP export function.

Details on all the great enhancements being introduced with Storyboard 6.1 can be found within the Storyboard 6.1 documentation within our Support Center.

Plus, if you have not done so already, join in on the Storyboard conversation to share and learn about all the great features Storyboard has to offer from the Crank community of users. Join in on the conversation today!





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