Exporting a .GAPP from the Command Line using an Export Configuration

User Question:

I have a export configuration file to export to some target directory 
When I am passing the name of this configuration file to Storyboard.exe as documented in "Exporting from the Command Line using Export Configuration" nothing is exported to the target directory specified in the export directory.


Key Points

  • If the project does not reside in the workspace that the command line exporter uses, then the launch configuration needs to be stored in the project
  • There is an option to enable this behavior


  • Open your project in storyboard, I've imported a project titled test_app that is located on my desktop
  • Open the Storyboard Application Export Configurations menu seen here:


  • Under Configuration Location make sure Project is checked, then click Apply:


  • This will generate the launch/config file to use in your command line export


  • Now the final step is to run the command line export!

You can read more about using this command on Windows, MacOS, and Linux here.

  • The storyboard splash screen will appear briefly, and then your .GAPP file will be exported to your project folder. Again, in my case the folder is located on the desktop


Happy Exporting!




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