PANIC: unprotected error using the LUA debugger with Ubuntu 18.04

User Question :

When I attempt to start the LUA debugger in Storyboard 5.3 the following error is displayed on the console and I am unable to debug.

INFO [0.002]:Initialize plugin [lua (] [dbg=/home/johnny/Crank_Software/Storyboard_Designer/plugins/com.crank.gdt.simulator.runtime.linux_5.3.0.201807051555/resources/lua/lua/debugger.lua,dbg_port=10000]
PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (error loading module 'socket.core' from file '/home/johnny/Crank_Software/Storyboard_Designer/plugins/com.crank.gdt.simulator.runtime.linux_5.3.0.201807051555/resources/lua/socket/':
/home/johnny/Crank_Software/Storyboard_Designer/plugins/com.crank.gdt.simulator.runtime.linux_5.3.0.201807051555/resources/lua/socket/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32)

Answer :

For the Lua Debugger x64 Panic issue ... rename the libs located in ...


... then unpack the attached archive and copy the appropriate libs from the archive to those above directories.

You will then need to create a new Debug Configuration.

1) Open the Debug Perspective
2) Click the drop down arrow to the right of the bug icon -> Debug Configurations
3) Right click on Lua Attach to Application -> New
4) Provide a unique name in the Name: field
5) Select your project under Project:
6) Apply -> Debug
7) Run your application using the Run icon (white arrow in a green circle)



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  • Just wanted to note that as of version 6.0, the .so files are already 64-bit, so that step should no longer be necessary if you are using that version or higher.  But I've still had to manually create the debug configuration.

    I also have to manually launch the debugger every time I want to use it.


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