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Why can’t I see my animation in the animation preview?

Answer :

The animation preview shows the animation relative to the selected animation design context.

This design context is always relative to the current state of the application. Therefore, if the default state of the screen (as seen in the editor) on which the animation takes place has the animated controls hidden or obscured, it will be in the same hidden or obscured state when the animation is previewed. In order to view the animation as it would appear in the live app, you must set the state of the app in the editor to mirror what it will be when the animation is meant to be triggered. For example, hide any layers or objects that are blocking the animated object and make sure the object is not hidden if it is meant to be visible when the animation runs.




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  • Storyboard 6.0 Update:

    Storyboard 6.0 introduces Design States, which can be used to fix the inconvenience of having to change the current state of the app to preview an animation.

    Create a new Design State and set all the variables to the state they will be in when the animation is triggered:

    Now set the Design Context of the animation to the same context it was before, but under the specific Design State instead of under the general Application:

    Now you should be able to preview the animation easily.


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