How to make "Uneditable" controls editable

I imported my graphics from Photoshop and there were several layers that came through as unused layers. I went to move one unused layer into my active application screen and all of the controls have greyed out locks. If I click the lock, it becomes black, click it again, and it goes back to grey.

In the properties panel for all of the controls in the layer, it says Control (Uneditable) in red, and this doesn't change when I click the lock icon. I can't edit any of the properties nor make any variables. Is there a way to make them editable like the rest of the layers?



  • Well, I just deleted the layer (I didn't know that when you deleted a layer that it went into the unused Layers portion - I was loath to delete it for fear of losing my work). Once I did that, I just tried it again, and it came through unlocked.

    I also found that there was another way to move layers by Add > Add Existing Layer...

    But I still don't know why it came through with the grey locks the first time.

  • Hi Paul,

    Which version of Storyboard are you using?  A layer being uneditable usually means that the screen is also locked, or that the layer is locked on another screen. 

    In Storyboard 6.0 we've enhanced this experience so that you can automatically unlock all other elements which are holding a lock on the model object you wish to make editable.  A dialog will appear to explain which other objects will be unlocked in order to edit the desired model object.



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