About memory problem caused by clone_obj in lua code

Recently i meet a problem that duplicate clone and delete group makes then local  memory little by little bigger. The "group" is made up of three controls and a table ( like blew picture).



  • Hello,

    Just to clarify, you are seeing a possible memory growth cloning and deleting groups? Cloning objects do make memory a little bigger. The question is are you seeing a memory leak? I'll run a test where I will clone and delete an object over and over again using gre.clone_object and gre.delete_object to see if it is a leak or not.



  • Hi Yang,

    We did a test and what you are seeing is a memory leak. We have created a Problem Report (PR) internally to resolve the issue for an upcoming release. For the time being, I would recommend creating a pool of groups and hide/show them as you see fit.



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