Table Control template

I read in the documentation that there is something called a table control template and that I should use them.

But I can't find anything else about them.

Any help?



  • Hi Paul,

    Table Control Templates are used to describe cells in a table.  All cells in a column will share the same template.

    Have you had a chance to read this section of the documentation?

    I've put together a very simple sample that creates a table with three different columns.  Different cell templates can have different widths and different sets of render extensions or variables.

    As you can see in the image below, the template 'Circle' is assigned to column 3.  The template 'Fill' is assigned to column 2, and the template 'Text' is the default, any column without a specific template will use this one.

    See Storyboard Sample


  • Hi Paul,

    When you create a Table in Storyboard, all the table rows in your running application are generated from your template row.  Each cell in this row uses a Template.  A Template control is manipulated much like a regular control.  That is, you can add render extensions for text, images, etc. 

    It is different from a regular control in that it doesn't exist anywhere on the screen but instead is only used as a prototype to make copies of, in order to populate the Table.

    When you create a table, it comes with a single Template control already created for you.  You can see the templates your table is using by selecting your table (easier in Application Model view, so you don't accidentally select an individual cell) and looking at the Properties view.  Under the Table section in the Properties view, you can see tabs for "Scrolling", "Rows Columns", "Cell Templates"

    On the Cell Templates tab you can create new templates and specify which columns use which templates.

    To modify the template, you can select any cell that uses it, either in Application Model view or GDE editor (main view).  You will see its details in the Properties view or you can right-click it to add things as usual.  Visually, it seems the same as editing any other control but you are actually editing the cell template, and then a control is being made from that template.

    I hope that helps a little, let me know if you need further clarification.

    If you are able to post a link to the part of the documentation that you were looking at, it might help us clear up the confusion for other users.


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