Fonts from Photoshop not available in Storyboard

When I import a PSD file into Storyboard it's not finding the Font I used and is asking for a substitution. Do I need to install fonts into Storyboard or something? I'm not finding how I need to make this work.



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    Hi Kenneth,

    If the font used is not a standard Storyboard font, it will have to be added to the project. When you are presented with the missing fonts, you should be able to select the font from the file system:

    If you would like to add fonts after the project has been created, you can add them to the fonts folder in the Storyboard project. Once they are added, they will show up in the font dropdown on text render extensions.

    Please let me know if this is helpful.


  • I have the same issue. Everytime I do the Photoshop re-import I am asked to choose missing fonts. In my case the missing fonts are Roboto-Light, Roboto-Regular and Roboto-Medium. They are already present in the fonts folder of my project (with file names like Roboto-Light.ttf etc). Why can't Storyboard see these fonts and choose them automatically?

  • Hi René,

    Match detection for font names doesn't use the file name, but the actual font name defined in the file. In these cases the name is 'Roboto Light', which fails the direct comparison with the detected name 'Roboto-Light'. This match detection is something that can definitely be improved, especially in the case you described. The issue has been noted internally and will be fixed in time for the next release.

    Thank you for your feedback,



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