How To Trigger Events on Internal grd_ Variable Data Changes

User Question :

I would like to update a scrollbar when the y-offset of a table changes. I know I can trigger events on variable data changes, but I don't see y-offset in the variable list. Is there a way to achieve this?

Answer :

Yes, just as you can trigger events when the value of a variable you have created is changed, you can do the same for internal grd_ variables. By default, these variables are hidden from the variable view so that you can easily see the variables you have created, but they can be revealed by clicking the icon with the closed angle brackets and a circle above it:

You should now see the grd_yoffset variable in the list and you can tie an event to it by typing in the name of the event in the Event column:

Now, whenever the y-offset of the table changes, the event should be triggered, and you can perform any scrollbar updates in a callback function on that event.




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