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I put together a _very_ simple model consisting of a white background with a line of black text. When I simulate the model it works fine but when I run it on my RT 1050 EVB (running FreeRTOS) the text is not visible.

I have the existing Coffee Machine demo project which works fine on my board (text is visible) and I use the same C program to render my simple screen so it _should_ work!
I have tried changing the font type, and all sorts of other settings without success.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks & Regards,



  • Hi Bob,

    It is possible that you have not exported the Resource Header file exactly right when you are generating the sbengine_model.h file.

    Can you check the 'Bitmap Fonts' option on the Export Configuration screen is not checked as we have not built-in the bitmap font support to the runtime that you are using?

    [Edit: Bitmap Fonts is set ON by default for new projects. We use full Freetype fonts on this platform so you need to deselect...]


  • Hi Garry,

    Yup, that was it. Thanks again!


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