SCP Transfer: Execute after Transfer?


I love the SCP Transfer feature in the new version of Storyboard but the 'execute after transfer' option isn't working for me. The app gets copied to the target just fine but I'm not seeing any indication the script file is opened at all.

I placed my script file ( under /home/root/mnt/mmc and placed the following text in 'execute after transfer' box.


#! /bin/sh
/home/root/mnt/mmc/storyboard_engines/linux-imx6dl/linux-imx6yocto-armle-fbdev-obj/bin/sbengine -vvvv -omtdev,device=/dev/input/touchscreen0 -ogesture,mode=multi /home/root/mnt/mmc/storyboard_export/LCA/LCA.gapp


Scott B



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  • Hi,

    One thing I notice is that your script isn't setting up the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and SB_PLUGINS environment variables. I imagine this is the problem, you'll need to add runtime's lib path added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and it's plugin path added to SB_PLUGINS before calling sbengine. You also do not want to specify a specific gapp file in your script, Designer will pass the exported gapp file path to the script as a parameter. Here is an example script file I've used with a scp export (although you'd want to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH instead of DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH since you're running linux), hopefully, this helps:

    export ENGINE=/testing/macos-x86-opengles_2.0-obj
    export SB_PLUGINS=$ENGINE/plugins

    $ENGINE/bin/sbengine $1


    Matt L


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